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Since its inception, the Bo Halbirk studio welcomed a lot of printmaking artists from around the globe. Each one of them created and edited prints, and following the engraver's chart, left a few prints of his work to the workshop. Those prints rapidly grew and formed an important collection.
Moreover, the studio is deeply implicated in the creation of fine books, collective or personal, and in the edition of engraved works by confirmed artists. This way, an annual catalog of editions and prints boxes including original graphic and literary works are conceived and published in the workshop.

In order to put into light the quality and importance of these works, the assocation Atelier de gravure Bo Halbirk created an artothèque (art library), baptized "À Fleur d'Encre".

Its mission is above all to develop the Print, to support painting-printmaking artists by bringing their work to the public's knowledge, by spreading their work through international exhibition, by collaborating with the "friend" workshops in Denmark, Luxemburg, Finland and Japan among others.

The artotheque publishes artist books and prints in collaboration with members of the studio from around the world, and visiting artists on Halfdan Halbirk's request. Furthermore, it ties partnerships with other artotheques and printmaking studios in Europe and the world (Luxemburg, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Finland and Argentina).

The artotheque offers several exhibitions a year following a theme, an artistic movement or by presenting specific artists. It facilitates french and international meetings under the form of exhibitions. Panels and discovery days are organized, during whom particular themes are discussed by artists and historians.
It invites one or two times a year a key artist of the printmaking world and creates an event around his presence.